Best Free Security Plugins That Every WordPress Site Should Have

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Best Free Security Plugins That Every WordPress Site Should Have

WordPress is regarded as the most widely used and popular of all blogging platforms. Millions of individuals around the globe make use of it. Owing to this, spammers and hackers have also started taking a keen interest in trying to break down the security of these blogs.

While WordPress offers a great number of security measures by itself, it would be wrong to ascertain too much. Security should be the “numero uno” priority that every web developer or blogger works with. When there is a lack of security, hacking and altering any website does not take much of a time. This way, private information can be stolen very easily while it also messes up numerous hours of hard work and sincere development efforts.

One reason while WordPress is largely regarded as a popular platform for all website and blog site development is due to its versatility and highly customizable aspects. Moreover, there are over a thousand plugins that it has to offer with some of them being dedicated for the sole purpose of security. Let us know more about the best free plugins to secure your website that will protect you and your visitors from any form of unprecedented cyber attacks.


• Better WP Security: Better WP Security is considered to be among the best solutions for fixing one of the most common security risks. The admin username and login path are things that the webmaster rarely looks to change. As a result, everyone is aware of the username and the link which paves the path for brute force attacks. The Better WP Security plugin alters the wp-admin and wp-content paths which, in turn, allow the links to be changed. It also lets such things as the RSD header info, login error messages, and meta “generator” tags to be removed.

Although basic, the security controls offered by Better WP Security are highly essential. Website owners should have this name at the top of the list of plugins to be installed as soon as they configure their WordPress site.

• Wordfence: One of the most popular plugins, Wordfence provides additional security for the WordPress websites. Its Premium version includes a cellphone sign-in feature through SMS while also allowing the admin to prevent access from certain countries. This is one of the most potent features that allows brute cyber attacks to be prevented. Stronger password policies can also be created for publishers, admins, and users alike. Wordfence also controls the access of entire networks to the websites by the use of Domain WHOIS and IP reports and a public list of malicious IPs. Moreover, network owners are provided with a security report that gives them a better knowledge of the security status of their websites and networks.
A file malware scanner and DNS security monitor are among some of the other features on offer from the Wordfence security plugin. The former is updated from time to time and this enables it to recognize the latest suspicious codes. Apart from the SMS sign-in feature, Wordfence is available free of cost.

• BulletProof Security: This security plugin has received praise from numerous quarters for being able to prevent SQL and code injection attacks. It provides the means for protecting websites against Base64, CSRF, RFI, and XSS attacks. The maintenance mode is another popular feature of this plugin. This way the admin gets to filter the individuals who will be granted access to the website and those who will be greeted with a page that says “503 Website Under Maintenance.” By means of IP filtering all forms of access can be directly controlled from the plugin itself.

Last but by no means the least, the BulletProof Security plugin offers a highly convenient way of updating and protecting the distributed configuration files without the need for an FTP client. Such critical documents such as php5.ini, php.ini, bb-config.php, wp-config.php, and critical htaccess files can be locked down by means of this security plugin, thus preventing all attempts at unauthorised access.

The BulletProof Security plugin is available totally free of cost. Featuring a five-star rating, this is a plugin that all WordPress websites must use.

Conclusion: As far as the security gap in the setup and code of your WordPress website installation is concerned, these free plugins will help to cover them all. They seek to complement each other while consuming as little amount of resources as possible. Adding an SSL certificate to the domain is probably the only way the security package can be made to look further complete and impressive.

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