Customize your own Website Template

Jasmina minalozevska October 22, 2014 Comments Off on Customize your own Website Template
Customize your own Website Template

More often developers design websites out of scratch, but it is much easier to design a website according to a particular website template. There are two main reasons for choosing a pre-designed website template: either you want to test it and see the performance with the public or the website needs to be launched as quickly as possible. No matter your reason, one important thing at the beginning is to choose a classy, cool and sleek website template that is the most suitable for your web site.

It is true that you have to spend some time looking for the best choice, but at first you should know what your business is about, who your clients are, and what you want to achieve with the website. After you know all this everything is easier. No matter that the website is a template, you have to include something that is unique only on your website, something that separates your business from the others in the category and to make it easy so that your services will be memorized.

Templates can be easily modified and adjusted to your needs and the needs of the business no matter the industry and the field. Below are several ways of how to make a website template adjusted to your business.

Website Template

Unique Logo – The first thing to adjust a website template to your business is to add the logo of the business on it. The header is the first thing to be noticed. So, you have to fit your logo there. Making it centered and front, it will be easily noticed by customers. After that you can add banners from the left and right side. They can be easily inserted in the template. Have in mind that most of the website templates contain too many generic headers expecting that you will modify them.

Columns – When it comes to columns, a website should basically have one or two columns. In case of two columns, the second column is highly functional. Navigation, menus, sharing, widgets, all is there.

Place your own pictures – All website templates have generic pictures. Check everything before launching your website, so that you avoid unwanted display of any generic pictures. They can be easily recognized and when people see such pictures they soon lose interest in the website. Picture on a website template based on Joomla can be more easily changed than those based on WordPress.

Change colors, text and fonts – Everything that is given on the website template should be changed, from the font type and size to the color of the website. This way your website will be unique and a perfect image of your business.



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