Differences Between Free And Premium Websites

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Differences Between Free And Premium Websites

Choosing the perfect theme for your website is important if you want to create an impact to your targeted market. Most content management systems such as WordPress, offers thousands of free and premium themes to choose from. To start with it is important that you know the differences between these themes, as well as, the benefits of choosing a certain theme for your website.

  • — Free Themes – these themes follow the structure of the CMS’ default design. It offers a straightforward design that is perfect for those who are just starting out in blogging. If you are out to create simple websites with working content, then free themes is something for you. The disadvantage with free themes is that your options are limited. Most often you will be unable to change the format and style of your website.
  • — Premium Themes – offers advance features, colors, and styles. It comes with options that allows you to configure how you want your website to look like. When using premium themes, you can get a more unique and stylish website as a result. These features, however, come with a cost.


Advance Designing Option

A lot people who are just starting out with their websites are usually wondering why they needed to pay for something that can come for free. There are advantages that premium themes offer which you will be unable to use in free themes. For example, the ability to choose the design that you want is available for premium themes.

The design is very important when it comes to putting out a website online. Most experts will tell you that the design of your website is the heart and soul of any online business. If you want users to stay and enjoy your website, you must bank on design. This is why using a premium theme is recommended for business websites.

Configuration Options

Theme settings are another advantage that you can get if you go for premium themes. Most free themes have limited options when it comes to configuring the website. Paid themes allow you to change configuration, update the theme, change the settings and even use plug-ins to improve the performance of your site.

Customer Support

Since you are paying for a service, expect that all premium themes come with customer support to make your website work even better.

Security Features

Most of the time free themes do not come with automatic updates which may affect the security of your website.

When you are just starting out with your website, it is good to know that there are free themes that will help save on your cost. Eventually, however, experts advise that to sustain an online business, you will need to use a paid theme – which provides more designing options, changing the configuration, customer support and advanced security features.

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