Forbes presents tips for ruling social media in 2014

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Forbes presents tips for ruling social media in 2014

The management of the social media is a challenge for every company. If you are one of the people in charge of this, then read on and find out the tips that Forbes presented and improve your work starting from today. Working with the social media pages means a lot more than simply posting about the latest, newest product, the great sale you have or the article in the local newspaper. In many companies, social media management has become a full-time job.

Everyone knows about the social media platforms like Instagram, Google +, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. But, there are a lot more available than only these web pages. Spend some time researching, see which of these platforms work best for your business and choose maximum five of them, not more. You won’t have time to manage perfectly more than 5. You just need to see which are the best ones for your business.

Analytics are the perfect tool for looking through your successes and failures on the social media. Use those analyzing tools the best you can. On some social media sites, you will find tools like these offered by the site itself, but you can also find some helpful tools on other, third-party websites. These reports are not needed only for collection and keeping, you need to read them and take some action out of it.

With these analytics you will find out what’s the best time and the best days for posting. Most of the businesses have found out that the best time for them is from Monday until Friday, from 0 in the morning around 4 in the evening. But, these numbers and days depend on your business and the target group.

Your audience should not only read preaches from you, they should be engaged, involved into the posts and reading interactive posts.

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People are more attracted to posts that contain images or short videos, like the ones made on Vine. Color will catch the viewer’s attention, but too much color will distract him, so don’t overdo it. If you want to share videos, always make sure that they are of high quality and are shot professionally.

Make the people that follow you on social media feel special. Offer them discounts and some unique giveaways. This is an award for them being your supporters, followers and likers.

Always remember that the success is made of quality, not quantity. You’ll see no point in joining at every site that shows up. Choose only the platforms that help you the best and offer success for your business.

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