You need to separate your private and business social media

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You need to separate your private and business social media

There is no second opinion in anyone’s mind today regarding the usefulness of social media for their business. But this does not mean that you can use your personal media for all your business social media activities. As with everything else, you need to keep your business and personal life separate.

When a business is interacting through social media, it is a brand building come marketing exercise. A customer going through product reviews may not be very happy to read about your cousin’s wedding in between, or that trek that you took last weekend. In addition to breaking away the flow, it may even have a negative impact on your customer as they may consider it to be your unprofessional approach. You may opt to share your personal posts with your close friends only, but still there is a chance that your posts reach unintended audience.


This becomes more clear once you understand your aim behind having your own business social media strategy. You are building your rapport with your customers by having a platform where you can interact with them directly. Your personal life does not feature anywhere here and will only be seen as an impediment.

The template for business social media has to be very different than that for personal social media. In fact, it needs to be customized as per the business brand. In fact, it will always be depicting what you wish to portray to your customers. This is exactly the reason why you need to separate your private and business social media. This is the reason there are a host of blogging templates for people to choose from. The one that you would choose for your business blogs will be different that you would like to use for your personal blogs.

Once you separate your private and business social media, you would be able to keep your focus clear. Your audience is your customers, clients and business associates. All your posts, entries and other updates and links will be based on your audience. In addition, you need to keep your business social media updated. Any suggestions, feedbacks, complaints have to be responded to in an urgent manner. Any kind of negative trend here can play havoc with your business.

This is the place where you market your new products and services besides enhancing the sales of the present ones. This has no co-relation with your personal social media which is only a platform for sharing news and views with your family and friends.
Once you get this demarcation clear, it will not be difficult for you to understand why you must separate your private and business social media.

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