How RSS Feeds Can Drive Your Web Traffic Through The Roof

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How RSS Feeds Can Drive Your Web Traffic Through The Roof

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. This tool was developed to provide users access to content straight in their RSS readers. This technology is a widely accepted web standard and the fact that it is free to install for website owners as well as owners means it has an extremely wide reach.

What it basically does is to provide a snapshot of the top stories from a website delivered directly to your reader, instead of having to browse a number of different websites manually.

So, why have RSS feeds on my website. Why? Well, there are several compelling reasons to do so.

  1. It’s all about the content

This is the number one reason why anyone will come to your website. Everything is about sharing’ content these days. There really is no better way to drive traffic to your website then by having a close friend or family member recommend it. RSS feeds allow you access to content that you and your audience will find interesting and share worthy.

Major web sites like Yahoo and MSN have RSS feeds built directly on their homepage which allows the user to customize it as they want. Having quality RSS feeds on your website means that there is always fresh, compelling content to view on your website.


  1. Social Media winner takes all

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media websites have changed the game in the last few years. These websites now make or break the traffic to your business and so it is important to understand how to effectively work these platforms.

As anyone will tell you, frequent and relevant posting is extremely important on these accounts to keep the users engaged. Having an RSS feed will help you get access to content that you can schedule to be posted every couple of hours. This will keep your website always in focus and culturally relevant.

  1. It’s free and users trust it

There is no other way currently on the internet subscribe to things without forking over your email address and be bombarded with super targeted ads. RSS feeds are the only way. They do not ask for anything really. Just find the content you like and click to subscribe it. Done. This is the one reason why million of people all over the world have an RSS reader that they check multiple times every single day. A built in audience and a free tool is a hard combination to beat.

Curating a good RSS feed relevant to your website can take time, but the payoff in free content and increased visitors to your site is well worth it. All you need to do is install compatible plug ins as provided by your web host.


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