Tips on Starting a Twitter Account for Your New Websites

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Tips on Starting a Twitter Account for Your New Websites

Whether small or big, it is paramount for every business to have a twitter account as a tool for reaching out to more customers, brand promotion as well as connecting with other players in the industry. If your target market fancy social media, you better learn the tips on starting a twitter account for your new websites. Twitter experience starts when you create accounts for your websites.

Visit and sign up with your email address, full names and a password. After giving that information, you will be prompted to choose a username which will be important because it is how customers and the industry will look at your brands. The best way is to use a short and simple username of your brand or website since messages on twitter have a limitation of 140 characters and the username is part of the characters. To avoid your username taking too much space, a simple username simple for customers remember easily will work out for you. There are numerous hackers spread all over so it is worth choosing a secure password consisting of a combination of symbols, numbers and letters.


Before you start personalizing the profile of your website, confirm your account first and you will receive a link from twitter for verifying your account. Once you click on the link, you will receive a congratulatory message that you are now on twitter. Twitter will assist you in making first connections by suggesting to you popular celebrities and accounts to follow for instance comedians, musicians or athletes. Browsing popular accounts that interests you will be useful to get you started. Search for more twitter accounts such as other businesses or people who would be your customers and follow them.

Upload attractive photos to make your profile. They should be distinguishable and clear even when they are tiny icons so it is necessary to select a photo that is striking. It does not hurt to upload a large picture but twitter will compress it as needed. Convey what your website is about as brief as possible and avoid going overboard with hash tags or buzzwords. Change the appearance of your profile by adding a color that gives the account extra visual continuity. Once everything is set, start tweeting using the right choice of words. Do not be too casual so as to look professional and remember to be concise. With this in mind you are sure of leveraging twitter to create networks as well as building long lasting relationships with your customers. These tips on starting a twitter account for your new websites will be powerful for creating value for your brands!

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