TurnKey Websites – Do They Work?

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TurnKey Websites – Do They Work?

A turnkey website is usually sold as a completely operating, functional site with hosting and pre-installed interactive scripts for shopping carts, forms, affiliate programs, etc. It is professionally designed, pre-built with proven income producing capabilities and ready to begin promoting from day one. These types of sites have been around for years and just as long as they have, people have been debating about their pros and cons.

Why You Should Use Turnkey Websites to Jumpstart Your Own Web Business
Below are a handful of reasons explaining why turnkey websites are a great way to start or grow your business online.

1) Huge Time and Money Saver
With readymade turnkey websites, you can save time and money and start earning faster. This is because the purchase of a turnkey website can get you up and running in record time at a percentage of the cost involved in developing a website from scratch yet they include cutting edge features including a simple to use CMS (images, add text, social links, video, and more), wow factor designs, advanced SEO architecture, multiple platform compatibility (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, etc.) and sub-pages.

2) Fully Customizable
Until turnkey solutions were brought about, webmasters had the problem of hiring coders to customize their pages for their website. A turnkey website offers you a selection of professional-looking website templates that can be customized with your own content – photos, graphics, multimedia content, animations, etc. With all these options, you will be able to easily customize the templates to create a website you are proud of – one that actually meets your needs.


3) Trusted Partners
Turnkey websites make affiliate marketing easy because it saves you the stress of looking for another online organization to have affiliate relationship with. If you buy a turnkey site that is already affiliated with another party, then the hard work has been done for you already. This is because the affiliate program will have been examined in detail to ensure they are secure, offer excellent support to affiliates, pay out on time and offer flexible linking methods.

4) You Don’t Need Any Technical Experience
Many websites with advanced technology and development platforms require lots of experience to run and manage. Turnkey websites are usually automatic, and ready to be promoted. No programming skills, computer skills and no employees or experience is necessary. They are usually newbie friendly because just about anyone can run and earn passive income with them.

5) More Capital for Promotion
Since it is cheaper to acquire a turnkey site than building it from scratch, you will have more capital to grow the site with traffic to get real customers and earnings. Traffic equals money – therefore webmasters should have clear budget for promoting their website so that they can get real results.

As highlighted above, you can benefit greatly from owning a turnkey website in so many ways. However, you need to put enough time and effort into your online business. Persistence is key therefore you have to commit to building your business to a level where it becomes successful. Remember, success isn’t a destination but it’s an ongoing journey.

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