Web design smart and innovative ideas

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Web design smart and innovative ideas

This innovative ideas for web design will be useful for all web design beginners who are looking for smart ideas for redesigning or building a new web design for some site. The first step is picking the direction of the design. This can be done best by choosing some good web designs that will lead you or your web designer and will serve as inspiration and guidance.

Read on to see some great sites where you’ll find the best inspiration and you’ll create the best web design no matter the budget or the industry.

Go to WebDesign Inspiration. This is an online gallery that has lots and lots of amazing websites that are perfectly designed. This is the right place for starting. You have features like filtering the gallery by industry, design styles, website types or color palettes. This way, you’ll find examples that will suit your taste and your wishes.

If you want to insert illustrations in your web design then go to Web Design Ledger. This site has tons of galleries with topics like putting white type on your header and many more. If you are not sure about where to start, hit up their Best Web Design for 2013 and browse through the collection.

Since its launch, Pinterest has been famous for hairstyle ideas, DIY projects, household inspiration and recipes. But, now Pinterest has become even more important for web design and also for brands and companies, as well as agencies for web design. You can search through millions of innovative web design ideas and group them and pick your favorites.

There’s another website dedicated to interactive designs and collections of great web designs. That’s siteInspire. Just like WebDesign Inspiration, you can filter siteInspire by style, subject or website type.

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There’s a site called Awwwards which is a site that truly recognizes talents and skills of web designers as well as agencies and developers for web design. There’s a gallery which is also manageable and can be filtered by color, type or industry and there is an inspiration wall for design. You can even vote for your favorites among the sites.

On Unmatched Style you will find design criticism which is constructive but also gives inspiration for others. Here. you will see the best practices, the best standards for web design and amazing web sites.

The last site we’re presenting to you is Line25. This is another website full with web design ideas. The site is run by Chris Spooner, a web designer. He creates a wonderful Sites of the Week creation every week and posts it on his site. You can subscribe to the site and have these inspirations sent to your e-mail.

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